Quote Of The day

“Just let go”


Welcome Back!

Hey Blog World.. I am back.. I was on Hiatus for 2 years..and I am back. So much has happend since then, and I honestly just give God all the priase.

I lost the Password to my blog..and never made an attempt to set up a new one. But what motivated me to start writing and talking again was Music

I have lost touched with two things I use to adore…and that is writing, and taking some time, to listen to GOOD music!..lol

Some How the Kemistry album rejuvinated my spirit, and i’ve decided to start talking again!…Looking back at my previous Post

I chuckle…..I was quite a character then….But like I said..I thank God for the growth..and New walk in life…


Quote of the day

“He who finds a Wife, Finds a

good thing”

Space Hotel

Watchout , in 2012, we may have a space hotel. Anyone who has $4million dollars can take this daring trip. you will be there for 3days…zero gravity. evrything is pretty well planned out, except how your gonna keep poop and pee down in zero gravity! once they figure that out, you are Good to go!LMAO!

Would you go if you had 4 million? check out the link below


Fashionistas’ Watchout!

Insider Edition interview trhis girl and it was soo funny! What he did wasn’t funny, but the interview was hillarious. This is a clip about what he did.


this is the reason why I dont like going to partys! I dont like guys asking for my #,

 and I also, dont do the whole freak dancing thing.

Anyways went to a party, and met this annoying guy,

well I guess you can call it persistance. Dude would not give up!

He def wanted my #..and I said NO. When I left he followed me to my car. WOW!,,and gave me his #

Lmao..poor guy knew I wasnt gonna call, but he took his chances.

haha..Nope im not calling him.


im really down right now.. alot of stress…and just certain things, just really buggin right now. But like always..im going to pull through. It soo tough and rough now! feeling everything is working against me!

But I just have to be strong so I can testify.. I am in phase II of my life right now…

Phase I passed, I got thru it…and progressed

I will have a blog on the VI Phases of life…well for me at least.

Positive Words, greatly appreciated right now!